Hi there! I’m Jessica. Welcome to my blog!

My mom hates telling the story of my first day of kindergarten because I threw my little backpack over my shoulder, ran to line up with my soon-to-be classmates and life-long friends, and never looked back once. I think she was expecting me to cry, or maybe just hold our goodbye hug for a little longer.

Ever since I can remember, I was eager to attend school and I LOVED IT.

I read a lot, I wrote a lot, I finished my homework on time, and my pudgy pre-adolescent hand was always up in the air excited to answer questions.

University was the long-term goal…

Me, at 19, throwing my backpack over my shoulder ready to take on university (read: the world)

But I must admit…

My school loving self wasn’t ready for the change. University life quickly proved to not be as easy as just coming to school and completing your assigned readings…

It turns out that there is a lot that goes on…


Whether you’re desperately attempting to discover who you are, constantly facing program-based judgement, or actively trying to find ways to cope with stress, I want you (yes…YOU) to be able to find solace within my blog.

I wanted to create a space dedicated to addressing and providing assistance on all the university issues that go beyond your readings and assignments.

I’m ready to share my experiences, provide you with facts and offer advice.
Are you?

Together let’s work on making our journey through university just a little bit smoother.

If you have any questions about me, my posts, my experiences or you just want to talk, do not hesitate to contact me!

And remember, there is life beyond the textbooks too,

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